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Fifth year students

Fifth year students created In Uniform Portraits through photography and drawing and propaganda posters.

An Artists Rising 2016 - Exhibition

We are privileged to have a wonderful Castle on the grounds of our school. Our students were given the opportunity to exhibit their work for a week within the castle. The Centenary Commemoration of the 1916 Rising is a year of great political, social and emotional significance for Ireland. In this exhibition, students at Drimnagh Castle Secondary School presented art which aimed to express how the Easter Rising connected with them as a young generation 100 years on from the events which shaped our Nation. The launch night was April 20th at 7.30. Students, Parents and teachers along with our Creative Engagement Artist, Justine were invited to view the final work in a fantastic location.
Neighbouring schools, organisations and the public were able to view the work for the remainder of the week.