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Drimnagh Castle C.B.S Art Department

Supported and inspired by the NAPD’s Creative Engagement Project, Letters 1916 NUI Maynooth and the Military Archives and guided by their art teachers, second year, Transition year and fifth year students undertook a 1916 Commemoration Project.
Drimnagh Castle Art Department applied to the “Creative Engagement” programme for a grant at the beginning of the academic year and were fortunate enough to receive this funding. The artist we chose to work with was Justine Prendergast (Art by Justo -

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Our Process
We used The 1916 Irish Rebellion as our starting point. Students explored the 1916 Rising through contemporary letters, eyewitness accounts, photographs, portraits and scenes. Transition years were influenced by Walter Pagets painting “The Birth of The Republic”. Students began by researching The 1916 Irish Rebellion and drawing from pargets painting.